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Surrender to What’s Meant to Be and to Emerge

Surrender to What’s Meant to Be and to Emerge

Exactly a year ago, I decided to set myself free from a job that I was deeply grateful for, but was no longer for me. The week that followed was full of unexpected things including some serendipities which one can understand only within a spiritual context. A year later, I start to understand what it was all about and what was wanting to emerge for me and for others through it all.

What I’ve learned makes for a good book. Amongst a wealth of lessons, I share the following….

Inspired and Empowered Citizens of the World…

Inspired and Empowered Citizens of the World…

Inspired and Empowered Citizens of the world see the world as their home. They know that the journey back home, starts by reconnecting with their true selves and living the truth of who they really are.

For the past years I have been exploring sustainable ways to create an authentic connection with oneself and one’s purpose, all of which in turn creates more authentic connections with others and the world around ourselves. It means being and connecting from a place that sparks our capacity for humanity, compassion, empathy, collaboration, innovation and love. A place where where community is built and anything is possible.

I have found that this is a small but far reaching contribution we can make in the world. It’s accessible to all and it starts with ourselves.

How to enable ourselves to be the world citizens the world requires and that we are capable of being?


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