fabi-2015-closeup-roundHello there! I’m Fabiola.

Making a creative and transformative difference in the world is my driving purpose.   I love working with changemakers, entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators who integrate their being with their doing.

My commitment is to bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning and to keep it real and honest as I go. I hope it keeps us inspired to sustain our uniquely brilliant difference in the world, everyday!

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Morning Pages

I’m using this little notebook to write every morning whatever wants to pop up. It helps me connect with the creative genius that sometines lies dormant in there. With the real ‘thing’ we’re here to make and has to be discovered through life. It’s powerful and makes me feel complete, energized, humbled, compassionate, fully alive.

Flow, #direction, #passion #purpose #aligned.


Freeing our Creative and Transformative Genius

I want to see more of us realizing our dreams, fulfilling our life’s purpose and making our unique and creative contribution to the world.

I have had this longing for a while, perhaps since I was a kid growing up in Chiapas, Mexico. It became more intentional in 2002, when I saw it become real in my life.

Hands in mittens holding hot cup of coffee

It happened when the opportunity and preparation converged. I had persistently been spending time quietly working on the idea of a magazine that would offer meaningful content and more than advertising to the world. After a creative sequence of events, one day, just before graduating, I received an email that contained an invitation to work for a wonderful magazine that was called “For a Change”.

And surprisingly, I felt a lot of fear!

I was afraid because I could not believe it was happening. Rather than going out and sharing this with my friends, I spent time in silence, face to face with my fear, because it meant leaving Mexico (the job was in London). It was up to just me to take the next step.

In taking it, I was inspired to work in ways that would support more of us in finding the path to the realization of our difference-making dreams. Since then, life, personally and professionally, has been the best school and the most enriching adventure ever.

Sometimes I am asked:

How have you become who you are and do what you do?

It doesn’t take a lot of money as we might think, which is a natural way to resist!

Making space to connect with myself by taking a white piece of paper and letting things emerge while listening has been the one simple and key practice for me, which I learned from my dad. It works by making space to set our dreams in motion. It takes time, patience, believing and committing to it.

It may be too easy to become distracted by the information overflow in our hyper-connected age, but by avoiding making the space to pay attention to our inner world, we might be allowing our lives to be driven by whatever shows up! And that might be ok, for a while. We can always start crafting our authentic path no matter what stage in our lives we’re at.

Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Steve Jobs

I want more of us to deal with the resistance of tapping into our own brilliance, to free our creative and transformative genius that’s desperately pushing to come out. Particularly those dreams and purposes that spring from a pure heart that longs to make a positive difference to our world. I want to see more of these dreams being realized!

Love, Fabiola

Welcome 2015

Lots has happened this year, for each one of us, and we want to look back, look forward, celebrate and give thanks. As I contemplate the new year, here is what I most aspire to in 2015:

Connection. Deep, authentic, lasting, meaningful. To my authentic self. To others. To the world.


For the first time I intentionally spent time doing a ‘Year Review’. It was not only revealing but it gave me an opportunity to distill different experiences and synthesize the learning that I want to bring with me. Here are some of the key aspirations that I want to keep with me during the New Year:

  • Our shared sense of humanity goes beyond what we are told makes us ‘different’. As the higher level global news shows us a picture of how we’re growing more divided, at the people level it’s up to us to stay united. Instead of believing how divided we are and judging each other, let us seek to embrace, to listen and to understand one another. 
  • Let us see eachother with compassion. Every single behaviour has an explanation. Understanding is everything we need to reach compassion. This is simple and yet so complex. 
  • Are we really that different? If that’s what we see in the other, we may be looking at the surface and with your mind. Connect with the heart. Look deep into my eyes. There is a place where we are as one.
  • Trust and flow with what is trying to emerge. When I want to control things it’s because there is fear within me. When I trust what is trying to emerge there is flow.
  • We need each other. There is a place and a role for each of us. Find yours. When you find it, remain humble enough to ask for help when you need it. Superman/women syndrome can take its toll on us.
  • Enjoy the ups and downs of work and life. Sometimes the answers and jewels of clarity and wisdom come from the moments we resist to accept, those we least expect (including lying in bed with a cold!). All has a reason to be. Pay attention, listen to it, embrace it as a cycle, as a whole.
  • Dare to put yourself ‘out there’. Making a meaningful difference starts there. As difficult as it may seem, it’s the simplest way to deliver the difference we are here to make. Bringing our real authentic self to the world is what’s most required of us.
  •  Share your journey. Your voice. Your message. What lies in your heart and mind. The world needs to hear from you. Each of us matters, each of us counts.
  • Trust your vision, your intuition (gut feeling, calling – you name it!). Stick to it, but be ready to change direction at any time. No time is wasted: You’ve learned. There is no better mentor to guide you along your unique brilliant path!
  • Don’t be afraid to share your creative genius. Share your greatness with others. When it comes from the heart and a genuine sense of purpose, it will go where it needs to go.
  • Let’s start every day with a morning routine or ritual. Incorporate silence and connect, connect, connect with ourselves! Connect with what makes us unique in the history of humanity. Our ‘why’, our ‘what’. The ‘how’ to make our unique, positive and lasting difference will unfold.
  • Oh! And let’s also remember:  To replenish our energy in order to sustain. Every effort matters. Our life is worth living fully and authentically!

Here’s to you and our ever-evolving path in the history of humanity.

May 2015 be the filled with lots of love and meaningful connection for you.
Thank you for making 2014 memorable for me.

Love, Fabiola

On Gratitude + Navigating the Ups and Downs of the Entrepreneurship Path…

The ups and downs of the entrepreneurship path give us the opportunity to tune in with what is trying to emerge. They challenge us to go deep into the ‘why’ of what we are doing.

Thank You on a Tag

As with art, they help us return to and stay connected with our source of creativity, inspiration and flow. What has helped me has been to start the day with a morning ritual that includes silence and connecting me with the bigger vision, the purpose of my work and with the world as a whole. After a while, when I look back and start seeing how the dots connect, things make sense and there is a sense of gratitude.

I must admit that I never had to learn to trust an unfolding process (inner and outer) at such a level before. Although it’s challenging, I can’t stop loving it. It’s a strange combination, and not so easy to explain why. But as I write, memories come to mind of being a kid enjoying games in which I was an entrepreneur.

I continue to find that serving others is one of the most exciting and noble experiences. Perhaps it’s not the easiest path, and there’s no established blueprint. But it’s the path I’ve found most fulfilling so far. Feeling at one with our being and doing, with a larger purpose, and with the world, make every part of the experience – uncertainty, vulnerability and all – more than worth it.

And … when I come across such encouraging comments like those shared below, I realize not only that it has already been worth it, but I also see the importance of finding the balance between appreciating our own work, no matter how big or small, and sharing it with the world, while keeping ourselves real and humble in the process.

I’m not expecting any special presents this holiday season. I’ve already received plenty throughout the year from every person who crossed my path, many who contributed perhaps without even knowing it.

To each of you: Thank you.

Happy holidays!


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