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The Creative Journey of Crafting my True Path

The Creative Journey of Crafting my True Path

You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you. Joseph Campbell I have been experiencing the meaning of this quote ever since I found myself re-creating my path from scratch--a creative and organic journey that has transformed... read more
So Do We Need Marketing?

So Do We Need Marketing?

What are the most effective and efficient ways to get your work/message and work out there? Do we really need marketing? Where does the work really start?
Here are some initial thoughts…

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Fabiola is an excellent creator of new realities, with a very high level of commitment. She is totally passionate about her fields of interest and has an intercultural background of great value.

Fabiola is a person with whom anyone should want to team up with.

María del Corral Londoño, Colombia

Life and Business Coach

Fabiola works through building relationships of trust not just at a personal level, but also in the methods and processes that are used collectively. In a world where the command and control model of the old world order is disappearing, I believe Fabiola is at the front line of bringing a more compassionate and inclusive work ethic.

Mohan Bhagwandas, Australia/Sri Lanka

Vice President, Initiatives of Change International

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