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Hello, I’m Fabiola! I’m exploring the difference-making path from the inside out. I share inspiration and creative insights for the journey. Welcome!


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Fabiola is an excellent creator of new realities, with a very high level of commitment. She is totally passionate about her fields of interest and has an intercultural background of great value.

Fabiola is a person with whom anyone should want to team up with.


María del Corral Londoño, Colombia

Life and Business Coach

Fabiola works through building relationships of trust not just at a personal level, but also in the methods and processes that are used collectively. In a world where the command and control model of the old world order is disappearing, I believe Fabiola is at the front line of bringing a more compassionate and inclusive work ethic.

Mohan Bhagwandas, Australia/Sri Lanka

Vice President, Initiatives of Change International

Fabiola has a passion and a drive that I find incredibly inspiring and powerful. I love hearing her share her vision and seeing the actual fruits of her labour in the form of the Changemakers Forward community. In every interaction I have with her I can sense her commitment to empowering people and contributing to social change.

Emma Collins, UK/Switzerland

Transformational Coach, Emma Collins Coaching

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Creativity and meaning spring from who we really are: the alignment of our being with our doing. This is how we make the lasting difference we’re here to make. Fabiola